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About Me


My name is Holiday… different right? Well its not actually, but for this blog, that’s what you can call me.

Like most 20-somethings, I love to travel. I was extremely blessed at a young age, because my parents took me EVERYWHERE. To be honest, I thought everyone traveled that much. As a kid, you don’t realize how damn lucky or good you have it, until your much older.

Now I have to work my ass off to go somewhere, unless I beg my family to take me on a family vacation…. hehe

I am a free spirited, outgoing, social butterfly that has a love for everyone and everything. Thats why I love to travel.

I am excited to share my stories and experiences with you. If you have an amazing story, please share it with me, I love making new friends and living vicariously through others while I am in the office.

Mucho Luvo,