My Exhausting Weekend Adventure

CampingPhew, that was a long weekend! It was! I was in a never ending tussle with time to meet my final destination. It was a hard battle that favours the strong and brave; two characteristics which I’m not very famous for. I however won the intense battle and had a blast of a weekend.

It started early, 2 am to be exact. I got out of bed scampering towards the bathroom to wash my face. In a hurry, I got ready for my outing in a record 17 minutes. I left home 2:25 am to check into my 2:15 flight.  Thank god I booked a Limo through an amazing Airport Service, or else I never would have arrived to the airport on time- Thank you Calgary Limo Rental! I travelled at the speed of light to the airstrip, well not exactly the speed of light, and covered 5km in 4 minutes…

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Sports helped me and it can help YOU too

Ever watched the Super Bowl and imagined yourself in the place of one of the stars? Ever dreamt you wore Ronaldo’s Nike cleats and peeled down the wings of the soccer pitch in an El Clasico match? Most of us dreamt that one day we could’ve been playing on our favourite teams alongside our most loved players. This is as far as it goes for most of us and sports. It’s quite unfortunate, because playing a sport can take a normal individual and make him/her EXTRA-ordinary. Read more

Have YOU been friend zoned?

Escaping the Friend zone

What is the friend zone? Friend zone is a theoretical place where guys that act too nice to girls/women are placed for being a person who genuinely shows that they care. Guys who are in the friend zone often hear statements like, “you are such a nice guy, and I know someone that would like you.” Let’s be honest, no guy wants to be here! If you are in, how do you escape? Read more

Fight Frustration

Dear frustrated, what’s the matter? Has life pulled you into a cave? Frustration is every present, waiting to grab at its next victim. To most, frustration is the anger or being upset about not being able to change something. Most of the time, the victims have not mastered the art of tackling this villain. Let me be your sensei. Let’s kick the butt of frustration out of our dear lives. How can we do so? Here are a few ways we can banish this demon: Read more